About Us

Two mottos guide our inquiry:  Problems Be Us.  And from Basho, this admonition:  Not to follow in the footsteps of the masters, but to seek what they sought.


Our Vision

he EmerAgency is a virtual consultancy, testing a practice of deliberative reason for the Internet. This practice allows netizens (capable of egency within electrate subject formation) to participate in decision-making on public policy issues. Deliberative (practical) reason decides at light speed within the apparatus of electracy, supported by the invention of an image metaphysics that is to digital media what the categories introduced by Aristotle are to literacy.


olicy debates until now have been structured by an impasse — the confrontation between the modalities of thought (metaphysics) created within each of the previous apparati: Religion, faith, obedience (Orality) / Science, knowledge, proof (literacy). The key to understading the aporetic character of policy problems in modernity is to note the incommensurability of these modalities, and their respective institutionalizations. Another version of the impasse, more revealing of its irreducibility, is the pair Pain/Fact.


lectracy proposes the possibility of a third institutional practice, based in an image metaphysics native to digital media, capable of mediating, negotiating, bridging the aporia organizing the relationship between orality and literacy. The dimension of thought institutionalized and therefore brought to the table of policy debate supported within electracy is expression.


  • esign and test the practices of electracy for a digital public sphere.
  • Develop an electrate mode of collective pedagogy.
  • Inventional consulting (the Konsult).
As an experimental consultancy, the EmerAgency promotes and welcomes collaborations with other groups, organizations, and communities.


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