Who Speaks: The Interlocutor

Posted on: Sat, 2014-05-03 21:34   By: glue

Learning is the greatest pleasure, and is an inherent capability, perhaps the definitive one, for human beings.  There are many ways to learn, and perhaps pleasure is the more important entry in the equation.  We are recruiting you; you solicited us.  Does it matter how the encounter occurs? Where are we when we learn?  With whom am I speaking? The interlocutor, in this communication, sender and receiver?  Here is the first lesson, but how is it to be taken, composed by an American academic, in English. The lesson?  I am addressing myself, composing in the middle voice, neither active nor passive, but reflexive.  You, overhearing me, address yourself in turn.  Your mother teaching you to prepare food for a meal, she says "do it like this," and shows you how.  If only it were that simple! Physician, heal thyself!

I benefitted from at least four educations, pedagogy of four institutions (and then some), and so did you.  We live within these institutions which collectively we call the popcycle:  Family, Entertainment (popular culture), School, Career (profession).  For some of us Church may replace one of the others, or even function as a fifth register.  In the epoch of literacy, Western alphabetic civilization, the popcycle institutions remained apart, analytically compartmentalized.  In the emerging apparatus of electracy (digital civilization, beginning in the industrial revolution), the popcycle registers begin to converge, hybridize, blend into one complex arrangment,  An apparatus is a set-up, dispositif, a framing configuration that guides all thought and action of its subjects. 

How to learn in this new apparatus electracy? How to communicate within the holistic popcycle? That is what we will negotiate together.

The Popcycle