Ecology Diagram

Target (E-CATTt)

Posted on: Sun, 2015-03-08 19:18   By: glue

Heuretics as logic of invention does not jump to conclusions, but assumes that the method (poetics, discourse) does not yet exist and must be designed and tested.  Using the CATTt generator to guide our proposals for electrate education, we will introduce each resource dimension separately, before exploring their synergy as a unit.  A good point of departure is Target, establishing the contemporary circumstances calling for fresh thinking.  The MIT Recommendations outline a plan of desired innovations that correlate concisely with apparatus projections.  The most relevant proposals documented in the Recommendations include the following:

  • Initiative for educational innovation ()
  • Engaging in bold experiments ()
  • Strengthening teaching of communications ()
  • Creating service opportunities ()
  • Extending new pedagogical approaches to the world (): modularity, game-based learning, partnering to encourage blended learning, seeding global discussions, increasing diversity.
  • Harnassing the knowledge of a lasting global community ()
  • Engaging with the world ()

The implied scenario imagines students combining residential, blended, and online modalities of pedagogy and curriculum, undertaking a holistic learning integrating pure and applied study, engaging with real-world, global problems directly in their actual setting, ones that challenge and resist business-as-usual public-policy solutions, performed through service learning, interships, flexible residencies, and partnering with relevant institutions, in collaboration with peers and cohorts from the broader community of schooling as well other institutions of society.  The electrate character of this vision is its commitment to relational, holistic, collective dimensions of education, needed to overcome the isolated, hard divisions separating the various institutional dimensions of the life-world, resulting in significant obstacles for an ecology of learning that is at the same level of complexity as the problems inhibiting global thriving. 

The remainder of the CATTt resources supply the materials for a poetics generating instructions for how to conduct schooling that accomplishes the intentions of Target.