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Skype with Jan Holmevik (Clemson University) this morning, outlining some parameters for our collaborative experiment.  A few of the general terms we agreed on to guide the start-up. 

1) Collaboration itself is part of the experiment:  what it is and how it works (there is a pedagogical dimension to all our questions:  each practice may also be thematized and made an object of study and experimentation in turn). 

2) Electracy is the most general question addressed:  the nature  of the digital apparatus, especially the relationships among technology, institutional practices, and identity formation individual and collective (all three registers involve distinct genealogies).

3) Heuretics (the logic of invention) is the procedure guiding the design and test of the experiment.

4) Consulting (on behalf of the EmerAgency) is the extant institutional practice that is the "Target" of the experiment (a CATTt generator for the  design is forthcoming).  Specifically, the goal is to define and test the hybrid genre of Konsult (noun), as a form and practice native to an electrate public sphere.

5) Chora:  the point of departure is our shared background working with choragraphy, applied to such projects as Miami Virtue, and Murphy's Well-Being, Imaging Place, as well as in our teaching and related researh.  Our experiment is intended to synthesize and extend the insights and lessons learned from our collective experience to this point.

6) Internet technics: the experiment is "post-medial," in that the konsult is not confined to any one technology or device, but rather, the intention is to bring into the practice all relevant devices, applications, and tools, appropriate to the  dynamics of the inquiry.