Colloquium: DesignTechnology (Fit)

Posted on: Mon, 2014-10-13 22:22   By: glue

Mark Goulthorpe invited Ulmer to lecture to the colloquium for first-year graduate students in the Design program at MIT.  The topic this year is "DesignTechnology."  The agenda included a lunch meeting with Rodanthi Vardouli, an afternoon conversation with a graduate seminar, and an extended "Happy Hour" brainstorm on HypoSurface as an experiment in pure electracy. The unifying thread was the importance of heuretics (logic of invention) for electracy.

Lunch Topic:  Dada as electrate logic.  Greg, Mark, Rodanthi.

Saturday morning opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Lunch in the Atrium area, as shown.

Happy to come upon this work by Anselm Kiefer in the Contemporary section (framed in glass, introducing the reflection of an adjacent sculpture).

Link to the lecture (below):

There were problems with the directional mic used, after the failure of the lapel mic.  The sounds of construction equipment provide an accompaniement of noise.  It is appropriate to understand this noise allegorically in several ways:  "Noise" as one of the senses of "parasite" in French, developed by Michel Serres in book The Parasite.  Construction and deconstruction. The warning beep signalling equipment backing up is especially significant, marking various passages of the lecture as exemplifying Heidegger's method of return-inquiry (Ruckfrage), central to his procedure of "Destruktion" or backing into the tradition from the present to recover originary potential meanings lost or forgotten through historical translation.


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