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Popcyle, Mystory, Choragraphy

It is worth reviewing some of the design features of previous consultations.  For now there are just a few generic principles that run through the experiments (see the list of projects), associated with the heuretics of choragraphy. The most important feature to note is mystory.

 Mystory is a genre for discovering, exploring, and correlating scenes of identification within the normative popcycle discourses organizing one's historical society.   Entry into language includes interpellation (hailing) within a specific civilization.  In this process a citizen of a community is offered (and accepts) a given position or "seat" (see) in each of the determinates of identity (as understood within the Western tradition):  race, ethicity, religion, class, gender, sexuality, nationality and the like.  Societies have preferred and subordinated identities in each of these categories, and any one individual's identifications may collectively commit that person to a set of inconsistent beliefs and incompatible obligations. The tradeoff gained by this limitation is access to the resources of a civilization, including a position enabling innovation, transvaluation, critique.  "Identification" is a powerful and complex human capacity open to manipulation for better and worse.  A function of Appiphany is to facilitate reflexive access to the experience of identification for individuals, and even more importantly, for a collectivity. 

The diagram above illustrates the expanded list of interpellative discourses, representing 8 institutions.  The primary discourses however are included within the diamond, and are the ones featured in most mystories.  The purpose of this Forum topic is to review and discuss how mystory, popcycle, and choragraphy have been elaborated in FRE projects and consultations to date, as context (but not final rules) for Appiphany.

In short, a basic principle of choragraphy relevant to mobile computing is to map and diagram one's position within a popcycle of discourses constituting a national and cultural ideology.  Part of the functionality of Appiphany is to extend GPS location beyond physical presence in a particular locale into psychic and cultural positioning.