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Chapter Two: Electracy 101, continues the development of learning in a digital apparatus through the invention of an electrate equivalent of the Republic, one of the founding documents of the literate apparatus.  This chapter begins with our own allegory, proposed to function in our pedagogy as the Allegory of the Cave functioned for Plato.  Chora is the term and notion Plato introduced in Timaeus to solve the aporia of the relation of Being and Becoming (Permanence and Change).  Chora (Region) as "space" or "receptacle" is a third order, neither intelligible nor sensible, and hence accessible to discourse only by indirect means.  Jacques Derrida appropriated this notion for poststructuralist metaphysics.

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Aqua Alta

The Allegory of the Wave

Posted on: Mon, 2014-05-05 17:55   By: glue

The heuretic project is to do for Electracy what Plato did for Literacy.  The exercise is to propose a "text" to function as an allegory of our metaphysics, the way the Allegory of the Cave functioned in Plato's oeuvre.  The proposed (found) electrate allegory is by Jana Sterbak.
Jana Sterbak