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This thread concerns the Target of Konsult:  an event (disaster) with some relevance for public policy.  The goal of the consultation is to establish well-being as a primary consideration of policy formation. 

The Writing of the Disaster

Konsult undertakes a Copernican Revolution in consulting:  we do not explain the disaster; the disaster explains us.  EmerAgency consultants exercise Arts & Letters knowledge, methods, and forms to render legible a disaster/event as expression.  A disaster (such as a Superfund site) is a communication at a collective level, and the challenge of the APP is to gather egents into a collective singularity capable of participating in this exchange. The theoretical task is to review the nature of Evental communication.  (See Maurice Blanchot, The Writing of the Disaster).

 The Museum of Accidents

 A second theoretical precedent is Paul Virilio’s Museum of Accidents.  Virilio notes the collapse of a fundamental distinction governing literate metaphysics, distinguishing between substance (essence) and accidents (properties).   Virilio is right that there may not be a “science” of accident (by definition, since science concerns only what  is necessary, invariant), which is to say that Accidance as metaphysical category must become sensible through the electrate apparatus (image metaphysics).  Konsult is a pedagogy of accidance.


 Appiphany must do for a community what epiphany does for an individual:  function as a revelation of the nature of reality.  A disaster is a potential revelation of electrate ontology.  The task for egents is to help construct the m/app, using choragraphy to trace the system of correspondences, the isomorphisms, across different institutions and discourses that assemble the collectivity .  The effect of insight occurs when the app registers the egent’s individual position within the collective scene of event:  You Are Here.  The relevant design issues are developed in the Forum Choragraphy.