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The central role of tourism in my current graduate seminar (Digital English, Spring 2013) reminded me of the importance of tourism, event attractions, memorialization and the like to choragraphy and to my research in general, dating back to the 1980s.  Teletheory (1989), for the  invention of "mystory," drew upon Roland Barthes's theories -- primarily A Lover's Discourse: Fragments, but also (in the background) his study of Japan (Empire of Signs). The primary video relay was Ross McElwee's Sherman's March (mystorical tour paralleling Ross's pursuit of love with the route of Sherman's march to the sea during the Civil War).  Those incidental connections became progressively more significant, beginning with Heuretics (1994), whose "tale" (CATTt) is my attempts to develop a presentation for a celebration in my hometown of Miles City, Mt, for the centenary of Montana statehood.  Electronic Monuments, of course, foregrounds the MEmorial project, drawing upon official and vernacular practices of monumentality to introduce a supplementary practice for the Internet public sphere.  Several MEmorials were proposed, concluding with the collaboration Wishing Y on 9/11 with Will Pappenheimer (FRE).  Miami Virtue is framed by two deaths -- of a German tourist and a Haitian boat-person -- both "attracted" to Miami.  The oracle Ka-Ching proposed in this study further extends the design and testing of a citizen consultancy, formalized in the EmerAgency.  In the graduate seminar, the semester project uses the current institution of tourism, and the obsolete practice of Tarot, to triangulate to the  poetics for ubiquitous computing.  The new practice (ubimage) again is intended to support the Internet as a fifth estate for citizen civic sphere.

*Image by Will Pappenheimer for Wishing Y